Rental management

Give you peace in the management of your rentals!

Owners, you have problems in the leasing and management of your property?
We are able to provide you with solutions.

Our services:

Lease Rental management
Display with photos in our windows oui oui
Posting on many websites oui oui
Search and selection of tenants (study credit) oui oui
Accompanied visits oui oui
Drafting of the lease oui oui
Establishment of tenant oui oui
State of fixtures oui oui
Delivery of the complete file of your tenant oui oui
Managing relationships with your tenant non oui
Collecting rent non oui
Preparation of receipts and reminders non oui
Load balancing and recovery non oui
Monitoring of judicial proceedings if necessary non oui
Pre-visit inventory non oui
Management repayment of deposit non oui
Relocation offered non oui

Unpaid rent insurance, real damage, legal protection:

  • Guarantees according to the contract:
    • Financial commitment to € 70,000 / disaster / lot
    • Unpaid rent: indefinitely, € 3100 per month maximum / disaster / lot
    • Reimbursement for property damage up to € 8000 / disaster / lot
    • Legal protection: € 3,100 / disaster / lot
  • 1.70% guaranteed unpaid rent rent charges included
  • Management fees 100% deductible from your income property
  • Access to your secure online account (link)

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